Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where and how can I get a foreign job?
Foreign jobs can be attained through any of the following way:

  1. Licensed Overseas Employment Promoters (OEP) advertise the foreign jobs in leading news papers or the OEP’s office can be visited. (Employment Through OEP)
  2. Through relatives, friends or any other person who are already working or living abroad or using internet. (Direct Employment)

2. Are there any foreign jobs available?
Click to View: Foreign Jobs through Licensed Overseas Employment Promoters (OEPs)

3. What is Protection and how can I get Protection?
According to Emigration Ordinance 1979 every Pakistani proceeding abroad on work visa should have to get protected. Protection is that the Foreign Service Agreement (FSA) signed between the individual and foreign employer / OEP and counter signed by the Protectorate of Emigrant (PE) to ensure the implementation of the terms and conditions of that contract. In case of any violation of the contract, emigrant may register a complaint.
One can get protected himself from their respective P.E office after submitting required documents and prescribed Government fees. (For Details click here)

4. How can I be assured that I am contacting the right person for foreign job?
Genuineness of the OEP can be assured from the P.E office and as well as from the valid OEP License list available on this website. (click to view)

5. What precautions I should observe in getting a foreign job via an OEP?
i) Valid license of OEP.
ii) Valid Demand.
iii) Read the terms and conditions carefully.
iv) Counter verify the terms and conditions from P.E.
v) Insist on receipt on any payment.

6. How to process the foreign demand?
In case a foreign Government appoints any Overseas Employment Promoter to process its demand the Overseas Employment Promoter shall apply to the Director-General, Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment for according approval to process such demand. The Director-General may, after such inquiry as he may deem necessary, allow such Overseas Employment Promoter to process the demand of a foreign Government through the Protector of Emigrants.

Any demand for persons or class of persons for Employment abroad from an employer in foreign private sector shall be submitted by the Overseas Employment Promoter to the Protector of Emigrants who shall scrutinize the demand and, on being satisfied that the Overseas Employment Promoter is in possession of power of attorney from the employer and a letter of manpower demand, duly attested by the Pakistan Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the employer’s country or the Embassy of the employer’s country in Pakistan and the wages and other terms and conditions of service offered are reasonable, grant permission to process such demand; provided that the Director-General may, in special cases, for reasons to be recorded in writing, waive the provision of this sub-rule. In case there is any deficiency or variation in the terms and conditions being offered to the persons for employment abroad and the terms and conditions laid down by the Bureau or the Federal Government, and the Protector of Emigrants is of the opinion that the demand is not fit for processing, he may refer the case, giving his reasons for his opinion, to the Director-General. On receipt of the demand, the Director-General may, after considering the reasons given by the Protector of Emigrants, grant or refuse the processing of the demand and the decision of the Director General shall be final.

If permission for processing of the demand is granted, the Overseas Employment Promoter shall recruit persons of all categories according to the qualifications laid down in the demand. The Overseas Employment Promoter shall ensure that the demand is appropriately utilized during the validity period of 120 days or within such extended period as the Director General or any other officer authorized by him, may for reasons to be recorded in writing, grant in special cases.

7. How to register the emigrants for protection?
i) Intending Emigrant submits following documents for registration to the concerned section for processing / verification in case of Employment through O.E.P.

  1. Permission no
  2. Passports
  3. CNIC
  4. Insurance certificate
  5. Welfare fund slip
  6. Protector fees slip
  7. Bank Certificate / Service Charges (OEP Refundable)
  8. Registration fees slip
  9. Adhesive Stamp Fee
  10. FSA (Foreign Service Agreement)

ii) After documents verification, the Intending Emigrant is guided to the Briefing Hall for orientation / briefing. At the same time: the record is registered, registration number is alloted, Protector Sticker is pasted on passport and complete case is forwarded to the Protector of Emigrant.

iii) Protector of Emigrant officer signs (embossed) on passport and forwards the passport for delivery.

iv) O&B officer briefs all necessary aspects regarding health, legal-rights etc. and guides him to get his passport and documents.

For details, please navigate to the page: Emigrants -> How to get Emigrant’s Protection -> (ii) Process Flow of Registration through Overseas Employment Promoters (OEP)

8. How can I renew my licence?
A licence shall be valid for three consecutive calendar years or part thereof and may be renewed by the Director-General on an application made in that behalf to him in Form 3, through the Protector of Emigrants, at least one month before its expiry and on payment of renewal fee of fifteen thousand (15,000) rupees per annum, after a demand notice has been issued by the Director General. Provided that if an application for renewal is made after the expiry of the said period, an additional fee of one thousand (1000) rupees shall be charged from the Overseas Employment Promoter.

The licence shall be renewed by the Director-General.

  1. for a period of three years, if the licencee has performed well and has exported fifty (50) or more workers in the last three years of the validity of the licence.
  2. for a period of two years if the licencee has exported ten (10) or more workers but less than fifty workers within the last three years of the validity of the licence.
  3. for a period of one year, if the licencee has sent no worker or less than ten workers for employment abroad within the last three years of the validity of the licence.

If an Overseas Employment Promoter improves his performance, he shall be entitled to renewal of his licence in subsequent years.
If at the time of renewal of licence the Director-General is satisfied that the Overseas Employment Promoter has been guilty of misconduct or his performance has been unsatisfactory or he has committed breach of the provisions of the Ordinance or these Rules, he may, by written order, refuse to renew the licence after giving him an opportunity of being heard.
An appeal shall lie to the Federal Government against the order of refusal to renew a licence.

9. About OEP code of conduct?
Every Overseas Employment Promoter shall:

  1. Maintain a regular office and prominently display a signboard on his registered office.
  2. Keep a complete list of Overseas Employment Promoters in Pakistan to be supplied by the Association.
  3. Keep a complete list of the person sent abroad for employment by him showing their complete address in Pakistan, name with complete address of their employer abroad, salary and period of contract.
  4. Keep complete record, duly certified by the bank, of the Welfare Fund credited through him.
  5. Keep complete list of his employees showing their names and addresses both temporary and permanent duly verified by the police, their designation and date-wise period they served under him.
  6. Keep complete record of the permissions, in chronological order, granted to him by the Protector of Emigrants showing updated utilization position.
  7. While dealing with the sources of employment abroad the following rules shall be strictly observed by the Overseas Employment Promoter, namely:
    1. Maximum efforts shall be made to contact new Companies, which are starting fresh contracts or employing foreign nationals for the purpose of securing more job opportunities for emigrants from Pakistan.
    2. An Overseas Emloyhment Promoter shall avoid competition with other Overseas Employment Promoters in seeking orders for demand of workers.
    3. Where an employer is not satisfied with the performance of an Overseas Employment Promoter in Pakistan and wants to appoint another Overseas Employment Promoter in his place any other Overseas Employment Promoter shall not accept terms in relation to service charges, cost of air passage, salaries and fringe benefits of emigrants lower than those under which the previous Overseas Employment Promoter was engaged.
    4. If an Overseas Employment Promoter accepts any terms lower than the terms which were allowed to his predecessor due to ignorance, he shall, as soon as he comes to know of the fact, disengage himself from the work assigned to him by the employer.
    5. No Overseas Employer Promoter shall accept salaries and terms and conditions of employment for emigrants lower than those approved by the Federal Government: Provided that in the case of large number of vacancies, on an application by the Overseas Employment Promoter to the Protector of Emigrants made before he makes a final commitment to the employer, the Director-General may, on the recommendation of the Protector of Emigrants, exempt such Overseas Employment Promoters from the provisions of this rule.
    6. All Overseas Employment Promoters shall ensure that not less than the salary and other benefits as mentioned in the foreign service agreement are given to an emigrant during the entire period of his employment abroad.
    7. There shall be no verbal or written understanding between any employer and the Overseas Employment Promoter for the payment of salaries or other terms and conditions to the disadvantage of the emigrants.
    8. Under all circumstances, the emigrant’s copy of the foreign service agreement shall be handed over to him and the contents explained in detail in the presence of the Protector of Emigrants.
    9. If the minimum commission acceptable from the employer is fixed by the Association, no Overseas Employment Promoter shall accept any commission lower than the amount fixed by the Association.
    10. No Overseas Employment Promoter shall indulge in immoral activities while entertaining employers.
    11. The minimum age for employment of women as maid servant (ayas and governesses) shall be thirty five (35) years, or as the Federal Government may, from time to time, fix for various categories of women workers and no Overseas Employment Promoter shall accept a demand for women workers of less than such age; provided that the Federal Government may, in special cases, for reasons to be recorded in writing, relax the minimum age limit by five (5) years.
    12. No Overseas Employment Promoter shall accept demand from an employer who has defaulted in the payment of the amount of commission due to another Overseas Employment Promoter and if an Overseas Employment Promoter knowingly and deliberately enters into agreement with such employer; he shall be liable to pay the dues of his predecessor from his own business proceeds.
    13. No Overseas Employment Promoter shall charge any fee other than the service charges referred to in rule 15 of the Emigration Rules (1972), from any person desiring to emigrate.
    14. The Overseas Employment Promoter shall not pay any gratification to the Protector of Emigrants or his staff or to any one in the State Bank or at the airports and shall strongly resist corruption at all levels.
    15. The processing of demands for works shall be handled by the Overseas Employment Promoter within the areas in which he has established his office or branch office; provided that the Director-General may, in special cases, for reasons to be recorded in writing, waive the provision of this clause.
    16. No Overseas Employment Promoter shall get involved, help or assist any person in illegal activities, like forged visas, bifurcation of group visas, use of visit, study or Umrah visas for employment abroad.
    17. No Overseas Employment Promoter shall knowingly and deliberately supply substandard manpower to any employer.

10. How and when do I need to renew my protection?
As long as the terms and conditions remain same your protector is valid. For fresh protection approach P.E office with new agreement/contract as other required documents.

11. How can I renew and claim my insurance compensation?
One can renew his insurance after two years from concerned P.E office in Pakistan or concerned Pakistan Embassy in host country.
For insurance claim, in case of death, with in the validity period of insurance the nominee or the near relative can submit the claim in concerned P.E office and in case of disability the emigrant himself can submit his case in concerned P.E office.

12. How to register a complaint?
Any complaint can be filed in any of the following office:

  1. BE&OE Headquarters
  2. Protector of Emigrants office
  3. Community Welfare Attaché
  4. Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat, Overseas Pakistanis complaint cell
  5. Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development

13. What is an Overseas Employment Promoter (OEP)?
An OEP is one who desires to engage, or to assist or to recruit any person to emigrate shall apply for a licence to the Federal Government and shall with his application furnish such information and documents, pay security and fee, and at such time and in such manner as may be prescribed.

14. I am switching/changing my job from one company to another company. I already have Protector done on my passport. Do I need to get Protector again for the new job?
Yes, you have to get new Protector Clearance for the new job from the relevant Protectorate of Emigrants office in Pakistan.

15. How to verify genuine Foreign Job Advertisement in Newspaper?
Contact the relevant Protectorate Offices. For contact details, kindly follow the link: URL: http://beoe.gov.pk/protectorate-of-emigrant-offices

16. How to get compensation in case of death / disability during work?
Compensation of insurance is Rs. 1 Million (in case of valid Insurance). If the emigrants has not renewed his Insurance cover after two years then he is not entitled for any compensation.

17. How to Restore / Renew after an OEP Licence is cancelled?
OEP Licence cancelled, can’t be renewed as per rules. Also cancelled OEP Licence cannot by any means restored.

18. What extra documentation is required for Iraq visa protector?
Due to uncertain conditions in Iraq Bureau has devised extra precautions in order to safe guard the interests of Pakistani workers in Iraq. Therefore the extra conditions regarding employment to Iraq are:-

  • 17 grade officer attestation of the photocopies of documents (if any).
  • The verification letter from Embassy of Pakistan to check the genuineness of demand.
  • Location map of the working area as the safe regions for export of Pakistani manpower in Iraq are Al Samawa, Erbile, Sulemania, Basra, and Karbala, therefore, Manpower export other than these six regions is not allowed by the government.
  • Undertaking by the intending emigrant on the prescribed format.

19. Can medical diagnostic center recruit or send manpower abroad?
No diagnostic center can recruit or send manpower abroad. Therefore, you are requested to apply through valid Overseas Employment Promoter Licence holder, agencies working under the jurisdiction of local Protectorate office.

20. How to register complaint against advertisement by a fake recruiting agent?
Provide the details of the case along with supporting documents if the complaint is against a person other than a valid Overseas Employment Promoter i.e. fake recruiting agent – the complaint is referred to Federal Investigation Agency for action as per rule 29(4) of the Emigration Rules, 1979 under intimation to the complainant.